What does my Quora profile say?

Faisal Khan: Banking & Payments Consultant

As most of you know, I’m a Quora addict. I love it. With over 3,600+ answers on Quora, I have always wondered what my contributions on Quora stack up in each vertical. Enter Giordan Stark who put up a really cool app to generate a pie chart based on your answers. Continue reading →

The hidden force in global economics: sending money home

In 2013, international migrants sent $413 billion home to families and friends — three times more than the total of global foreign aid (about $135 billion). This money, known as remittances, makes a significant difference in the lives of those receiving it and plays a major role in the economies of many countries. Economist Dilip Ratha describes the promise of these “dollars wrapped with love” and analyzes how they are stifled by practical and regulatory obstacles.

Source: www.ted.com

Beautiful and worth watching TED Talk by Dilip Ratha at TED Global. #remittances #moneytransfer 

Multichannel Customer Engagement = Stellar Customer Service

Multichannel Customer Engagement = Stellar Customer Service

One would imagine in 2014 we would have stellar customer service online when it comes to banking. How difficult is it to get proper (read: on-time and on-target)  customer support?

The answer: Quite Difficult. Continue reading →

Quora. You don’t park it. You position it.


Quora: The Next Frontier.

Almost any one who knows me, will tell you of my love for Quora. I really love Quora!

For those of you who don’t know of Quora, it is a Question and Answer website. You’re probably thinking Yahoo! Anwers!, but then you and I have different tastes. Quora is far apart from Yahoo! Answers as a Bugatti is from a Skoda. Trust me on this. Continue reading →

The Great Money Transfer Gold Rush

The Money Transfer Gold Rush

If you had asked professionals in the Fintech space about 7-8 years ago, what the word remittances meant, you’d be hard pressed to find people who could accurately define it for you. Just for the record: I was one of them.  Continue reading →