Testing a New Way for People to Discover and Buy Products on Facebook

We’re testing a feature that allows people to buy products from businesses, without leaving Facebook.

Source: www.facebook.com

I’ve been saying all along, payments will come to Facebook, and it is starting with the ability to buy products now, directly on Pages.

Visa Launches PayPal-Like ‘Checkout’ Widget For Third-Party Websites | TechCrunch

Visa wants to make the process of paying for goods on your phone or iPad as easy as swiping your credit or debit card at an offline retailer. To do so,..

Source: techcrunch.com

When the big boys enter the game, can we say the days of PayPal are numbered? I don’t think so. Traction will need to be worked on. 

E-commerce gateway to boost consumers’ confidence

The e-commerce gateway is need of the hour and its establishment will further boost consumers’ confidence.

Source: www.dawn.com

We already have 4 payment gateways in Pakistan, add 10 more I say, still will not change the way online sales are made, predominantly because of the documented vs. undocumented economy. Secondly, the need for flat-payments are in demand.

Brett King on the death of the bank branch – full WIRED Money talk – YouTube

Brett King, CEO of Moven, on the death of the bank branch – full WIRED Money 2014 talk Subscribe for more Wired UK videos: http://bit.ly/WiredSubscribe The t…

Source: www.youtube.com

Really great delivery. If you’re into Payments/Banking – best 20 minutes you will invest in.