Fractional Ownership Using HyperLedger

Fractional Ownership


Fractional Ownership Using HyperLedger

Fractional ownership is something I stumbled upon accidentally. I mean it was always staring at me in the face, with respect to the fractional ownership of private jets, yachts and expensive vacation homes, but the general use of fractional ownership for a common man… I had not seen or read much. Continue reading →

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation drives digital adoption to foster financial inclusion

This article was first published in the Autumn 2014 issue of Finance on Windows
Tell us about your department at the Gates Foundation. Why was it set up?
I work in the ‘Financial Services for the Poor’ department. Our goal is to help the 2.5 billion poor people who don’t have access to financial services by increasing their access to better financial tools. Despite being poor, these people don’t stay in a constant state of poverty – they have fluctuations in…


Bitcoin 101: The comprehensive Bitcoin Guide to Using & Trading in Bitcoins

Bitcoin 101 How-To


Earlier this year in April I wrote an article on what Bitcoins was all about. A lot has happened in the Bitcoin space since April. I’ve decided to write a revised Bitcoin article and how can one get started in the buy/selling and trading of Bitcoins.  Continue reading →