I might be biased towards my recommendation for Faisal because I follow his blogs a lot. When it comes to payments, Fintech, bitcoins & compliance, he is my go-to guy. From regulations to business modeling, he covers it all in simple plain language.


Haseeb Awan

Co-Founder, BitAccess Inc.

Faisal has a very clear and deep understanding of the global payments and remittance industry, but more importantly can communicate that knowledge in a way that is simple and easy to digest. His feedback on how to navigate my company’s business challenges was clear, concrete and actionable.


Nelson P. Irizarry

Chief Operating Officer, PayKii

All I can say is, Wow! Best money I have ever spent. Faisal gave me years of knowledge in a 50 minute call. I expanded my knowledge today by leaps and bounds. Faisal has helped my business a ton. You can also tell that Faisal is a very cool down to earth guy. Thank you Faisal!


Levi Barker

Co-Founder & CTO Rebbit.me

It is my considered view that Faisal is one of the top 100 payments experts in the world today; but what I really love about him is his generosity in sharing his knowledge and insights whenever the right kind of questions are posed to him.


Qasif Shahid

Founder & CEO, FinSurgents

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