I’ve never given a recommendation after one conversation but I feel it’s appropriate in this situation.

I’m not here to talk about Faisal’s professional experience, I’d like to recommend him as a person. The amount of respect and courtesy he displayed to me was beyond expectation. Between 3 emails and 15 minutes of talking, he also displayed the following valuable traits: responsive with communications, logically perceptive on the value of my proposition and reasonable in considering how my idea might impact the other areas of his professional life.

While he may not see an immediate vision for an idea, that doesn’t mean he won’t hear it out, ask intelligent questions and work forward from there.

It’s for these reasons, and many more yet to be discovered, that I recommend working with and getting to know Faisal.

Michael Cauley Testimonial

Michael C. Cauley

Global Partnership Manager at 2Checkout

I worked with Faisal when I was COO of XendPay, the online Money Transfer business.  Faisal gave us an excellent insight into Banking and Payments for a number of countries.  His knowledge and understanding of these areas is encyclopedic and his expert advice was very valuable.


Jake Holloway

Client Director, Xceed Group

I might be biased towards my recommendation for Faisal because I follow his blogs a lot. When it comes to payments, Fintech, bitcoins & compliance, he is my go-to guy. From regulations to business modeling, he covers it all in simple plain language.


Haseeb Awan

Co-Founder, BitAccess Inc.

Ridiculously knowledgeable about remittances and financial services. It’s hard to find someone as knowledgeable as Faisal in the industry. I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with Faisal over the last 2 years as I’ve been building our remittance business (http://remit.ug) and his advice has always been the best.  I was impressed by his deep insight in the industry long before we started communicating directly by his Quora answers, blog posts and Around the Coin podcast. As a financial services and remittance expert and consultant, Faisal comes very highly recommended.



Stone Atwine

Chief Operating Officer, PayKii

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